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This course is worth one CEU credit hour and covers flu prevention, identifies people who are at high risk for complications from the flu, vaccine side effects and preventive measures for caregivers and for individuals receiving care at home. Ohio DODD Approved 11-00446-1 Read More

This course is worth one CEU credit hour and provides the student with a basic introduction to food safety and guidelines for preventing foodborne illnesses. Ohio DODD Approved: 11-00447-1 Read More

This course is designed to look at the aspects of grief and loss.   Read More

This course is worth one CEU credit hour and identifies the systems which make up our body, a brief description of their functions and possible indicators of illness or injury. Read More

This course will explain the condition and common causes. Instructions for how to measure a person’s blood pressure is included.  Ohio DODD Approved 13-01745-1 Read More

This course provides basic information about Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and steps home health care workers can take to avoid disclosing clients’ protected health information.  Ohio DODD Approved 15-00008-1 Read More

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