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This bundle includes: • Workplace Violence • My Client Has MRSA…Now What? • Understanding HIV & AIDS • Understanding Pressure Sores • Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury • Understanding Communicable Disease • Understanding Autism • Monitoring Vital Signs • Body Mechanics, Transfers, mobility and Positioning • Basic Anatomy & Body Function • Nutrition, Hydration, and Elimination • Observation, Reporting and Communication Read more

This bundle includes: • Acute Renal Failure • Bathing and Skin Care • Understanding Multiple Sclerosis • Understanding Cerebral Palsy • Oral Care, Hair and Nail Care • Arthritis and Osteoporosis • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) • End Stage Renal Disease • Swallowing Problems & Disorders • Understanding Muscular Dystrophy • Understanding Strokes • Health Monitoring: An Overview   Read more

This bundle includes: • Basics of Aging • Health Monitoring : An Overview • Working with the Cognitively Impaired • Diseases of the Respiratory System • Range of Motion Exercises • Fall Prevention • Interacting with a Difficult Person • Skin Integrity • Flu Prevention • Understanding Cancer • Emergency Preparedness • End of Life Care Read more

This bundle includes: • Abuse in Adult Populations • Deaf Culture - Are You Listening • Emergencies in the Home • Health Monitoring : An Overview • Keeping Home Care Patients Safe in the Home • Maintaining Boundaries • Nutrition and MyPlate • Safety Issues with Restraints • The Prevention of Bleeding When Using Blood Thinners • Understanding Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities • Understanding Fetal Alcohol Syndrome • Understanding Heart Failure Read more

This bundle includes: • Bullying • Common Viruses • Dehydration Awareness • Social Media • Understanding Parkinson’s Disease • Winter Weather • Confidentiality • Documentation Basics • Professional Behavior • Domestic Violence • Active Listening • Health Monitoring: An Overview Read more

75 Hour Initial HHA Training Course Read more

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