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This course will explain how poor air quality can affect a person’s health and steps that can be taken to reduce health risks. Ohio DODD Approved 13-01642-1 Read More

This course is worth one CEU credit hour and provides an overview of normal child and adolescent development so that parents, teachers, health professionals and caregivers are better able to recognize related problems early and take action. Read More

This course will present how immunizations work and why they are so important. Myths and false impressions about immunizations willalso be shared. The latest immunization recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control is included. Ohio DODD Approved 1501330-1 Read More

The world is facing the biggest and most complex Ebola virus outbreak in history. The World Health Organization recently declared the Ebola outbreak in West Africa a public health emergency of international concern because it was determined to be an “extraordinary event” with public health risks to other states. While initially confined to central and west Africa, the virus has now been documented in the United States. This course provides information about this deadly virus, its symptoms and treatment and steps that can be taken to help prevent the spread of the disease. Read More

This course provides information about common insect bites & stings.   Read More

This course is worth one CEU credit hour and provides some guidelines for working with people who are hard to deal with, causing problems in the caregiving relationship. Read More

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